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Taking attendance has never been easier. Beautiful.

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Take attendance using your smartphone in seconds, and then forget about it until it’s time to make a report. Even then you can speed it up by using the built in export tool to create your reports on any spreadsheet app like the widely used Microsoft Excel.

Speed up the process of reporting attendance

Taking attendance can be a drag, with Attendify the process of taking attendance can be done with a tap of a button. No more pencil or pens! Easily export the data in spreadsheets files that can be used with Microsoft Excel.

It’s easy getting started

As easy as adding a student or client and then pressing the attended or absent button. It’s that easy.

Show table and different way to see the data shorts

Have Attendify organize the attendance

Attendify lets you see the data per month or even show you who attended or not every day of the month. The results are shown in just an instant.

You probably don’t work in one place on just one device. Same goes for Attendify. Because it’s on the web it just works on any browser. Any device. The spreadsheet you create will look the same whenever you need to work with.

Taking attendance short on iPhone, iPad and Macbook short

Take attendance. Make a report. On the web. On any device. Anytime.

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